Jan 21st, 2020 | At last

Today I did what we spoke about yesterday. I woke up and worked two hours before starting work.

Honestly, it was the best decision ever. I really give it my all at work so when I get back home all I want to do is eat, relax, read a book, blog and go to sleep.

This way, if I can keep up with the schedule, I'll make substantial progress until the end of week.

And the most important thing? We're building momentum.

Greatness loves momentum. Once we get going, things will turn great.

Today I posted two ideas I had on small subreddits and forums. For one of them I got a lot of feedback.

Small subreddits are underrated. In many ways they are better than large ones because they are ok with a little "self promotion".

Here is an interesting read about underrated channels: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/what-s-your-favorite-underrated-marketing-channel-6ef513a785

Tomorrow I will join startup groups and slack groups where I could potentially ask for feedback in the future.

Also, I'll start emailing people to talk to, like customer discovery calls.

I would like to always be speaking to people, it will spark many ideas. This weeks people, penetration testers.

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