April 21st, 2020 | Rollercoaster

Startup life is a rollercoaster. Especially in the early days. Both results-wise, and of emotions-wise. 

Yesterday, reality grounded me in it's most eloquent way. That is by punching me in the face.

A tweet of mine went viral on Twitter. Well, for my standards at least. Around 1K likes with 700 followers.

Just as I was riding high and celebrating going "viral", another user unsubscribed.

The low - to high - to low - again is crazy. It's a rollercoaster. That's why we shouldn't let it affect us. You are not your MRR. You are not your customer base.

The only way to do that though.. is to ignore the highs as well. If you tie your mood and happiness to the highs, you will be struct down by the lows. A more stoic approach is needed.

You gotta love it though. Building products is so much more than making money. It's a philosophy class.

Every side of your personality is tested. Your courage, your resilience, your morals, your ethics, your motives, your priorities.

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