April 22nd, 2020 | CHAOS

The last two days have been surreal. My twitter exploded unexpectedly from a random tweet. My Twitter followers doubled. My MRR doubled.


It's funny cause late last night I went into a bit of a panic mode. I tweeted that I got a $100/mo customer and then was thinking to delete it.

I thought that "someone might steal my idea". Then, I thought that whoever does that is plain stupid. There are so many better ideas to steal that are making millions. I hardly even have 10 customers.

But most importantly this: All the people I admire are ones not afraid to put their numbers out there. I wanna be like that.

By the way, startups don't die of competition. They die due to lack of market need. They die because due to lack of traction.

Today I'll continue where I left off with this month's list. I have some catching up to do. Enough celebrating, time to work.

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