Jan 7th, 2020 | Getting organised

This week was strange. For one, I had to get organized and find my where abouts. How to get to work, how to get back, what are the things I need for home.

I started work on Tuesday, since Monday was a national holiday here, like in Greece. I was a weird experience. Actually, funny fact, work is literally one straight line from my house and I still managed to get lost. Google maps wanted to get me there faster and took me through some alleys.

Anyway, I get there and to be honest I felt a bit like selling my soul to the devil. I had been trying to reach ramen profitability and “escape the rat race” before finishing uni, but in the end, after all, here I am. Woke up in the morning, got dressed, off to work…

I had met with my colleagues when they flew me out to check out the office in September. All young, fresh faces, English speaking, friendly, smiling. My “manager” is like 29 years old, so it’s nice and refreshing to be working with people your age and not people 20 years older than you.

The first few days were pretty brutal on me. Not because of the body of work I had to handle, on the contrary, they went easy on me, assigned some studying for me to do and let me work on my laptop on the couch.

They gave me my MacBook Pro, the company’s top product (a smartwatch), and signed me up for all the services the company uses, like Slack, 1Password, GitHub, AWS etc

Honestly, seeing the tools they use internally and trying to guess their expenses for each was the most interesting part of the first day.

We also have free food every day. But it honestly is not enough for me. Haha. I think that fucked me up the most, having to wait until 7PM to each proper dinner. I couldn’t even concentrate from the feeling of hunger.

I am hoping to be able to chat with people in different teams of the company, in order to understand what they use and how, their pain points, etc. You never know what idea may pop up..

The week then was over, I was tired, and on Saturday I slept from 21:00 to 09:00. What a pussy. Imagine if I was working as a construction worker.

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