April 16th, 2020 | New plan

Yesterday I finished with my initial list of prospects. Out of ~50 companies, I found people to connect in ~25 of them. All in all, I managed to have one discussion, which was pretty helpful to be honest.

Another guy is always telling me he will subscribe and he never does. Now he came back and asked for a small demo. Dude. Come on! I'm leaving him alone.

I also listened to some podcasts yesterday about Sales. I didn't learn anything new. What I have decided still stays. I want to have 10 advice calls this month. But I have to think of something else.

I have to find out where my target customer hangs out, and just scratch and claw.

Today I will research for new leads. Also, I will search for subreddits, Facebook groups, Slack groups, etc where they may hang out.

Here is an example.

For every 20 emails I ask for advice, one person agrees. We just on a call. Up until this point, I know that this is feasable. I have done this in the past with customer discovery calls. One out of twenty would reply and we would set up a call on Hangouts or Zoom.

Now we are on the call. Let's say I am pretty bad or that it's not always a good fit, so 1 in 5 actually subscribes. I believe this is feasable since it's a fucking newsletter, the entry boundary is dead low.

So, in this way, for every 100 emails, and every 5 calls, I get one customer. Something like that. If my plan is $50/mo, I could grow $200 per month like this. That's the same growth as launch week for fuck's sake. That's brilliant.

Anyway, I'm off, going to search online where these people hang out.

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