April 17th, 2020 | Time passes

It's already week number 16. Week #6 was when I launched Cyberleds.

Since then 10 weeks have passed.

Week 1-2: The first two weeks after launching I spent them figuring out the product. I launched without a product, so I was running around like a headless chicken.

Week 3: I spent one week building and launching WomenInTech.today

Week 4-5: I spent two weeks building and launching Angelstep.co

Week 6: The next week I stopped and thought about what I want to do. Focus on GitGardener and Cyberleads? Or keep building new products? I chose the first option.

Week 7: Was working full time on the new list I had to finish and send out.

Week 8-9: Direct Sales and Quora

So far, these two weeks I haven't managed to do much.

I am trying many different things, which is good. I am not writing code, which is good. I am not thinking of other features and products, which is good.

Just like it took some time to find a good product, the same way it might take a bit of time to find a distribution channel.

Unfortunately, there isn't a good marketplace or anything like that to post it and leave it. I have to work.

Here are my options for getting more traffic and customers.

1. Direct Sales: The easiest and hardest at the same time. Message people, and ask if they want to pay.

I have been reaching out to people and have had two conversations. No sales yet.

2. Content marketing: Long game. It could either be on Quora, or blog posts, or posting on social media and forums.

I have been posting on Reddit free lists. I have gotten traffic and hot leads, but no customers. Either the subreddit/group was wrong, or I gave away too much for free.

I have also been answering one Quora question every day. I have no expectations for this what so ever. But, hey, I spend like 5 minutes per day there, so who cares.

If I find the right medium, I can play with the content. The same way I wanted to leverage ProductHunt. But a subreddit is easier and more repeatable. ProductHunt requires true creativity. You have to create something new every single time.

3. Partnerships/Marketplaces. I don't really know of marketplaces in the lead generation sphere. From what smarter and more experienced people than me say, this is futile. There are no shortcuts.


More weeks have gone by this year after launching Cyberleads than before. That's crazy to me. It seems like yesterday I launched it. And it seemed like a long time before I launched it.

Since then, in nine weeks, I haven't brought a single customer from my own efforts. All of them came through Product Hunt.

Three of those weeks were spent building the product. That's acceptable.

Another three on building other projects. That was stupid.

Another three on sales and marketing. That has not yielded any results yet, but I'm going to stick with it. What else can I do anyway?

I'll just have to trust the process.

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