April 15th, 2020 | Treating Sales as an MVP

Haha.  Woke up, opened up LinkedIn and saw a message from someone roasting me.

I asked for his feedback and said that I respect his time and that I would be happy to pay for it as well.

The problem that I made a stupid mistake. I got his name wrong because I was copy pasting the message and personalizing a bit.

His reply was that he wants $121.000.000 for a quick chat and that he would come over to Milan during the pandemic to talk. He was ironic but to be honest he was in the right.

Anyway, it's bound to happen, and it has happened to almost everyone. Sales has the shortest feedback loop.

One little mistake and you hear about it. I love it.

I am treating the sales process as an MVP. I want in Q2 to come up with the ultimate formula for growth for Cyberleads. Something repeatable and predictable.

"Keep what works, discard what doesn't. Repeat."

That's what it will take. Treat it as a product.

Let's digest what I've done so far and how it's gone.

I found my favorite/best customers. A startup doing $1M-$10M in annual revenue.

According to Nathan Barry, you should target a niche where you have a strong player. People trust you and are impressed. Every sale gets easier along the way, as long as you stay inside that niche.

I gathered a list of companies like that, around 50+, and starting connecting with people from their sales team on LinkedIn.

Funnily enough, the first person I connected with accepted very quickly and we had a great conversation. Since then, crickets. Maybe it takes time, who knows.

I also tried finding their emails but it's almost impossible. Very rarely do you find it.

I just finished the list, and so far the results are bad. But no worries, this is a Work in Progress, an MVP.

Through out this week and the past week, I posted on Reddit as well. I got a lot of traffic but only one hot lead, which by the way just went cold. I have followed up twice and he always says he will subscribe, but won't.

I reached out to all leads that went cold, but not much happened. But that was yesterday. Maybe it takes time.

So, let's recap:

LinkedIn --> Hmm. Hard to say, since I did have a customer conversation and the prospect seemed interested. Didn't buy though. Take aways:

1. Be careful with names!!!!
2. Don't offer money to founders, they get offended (not sure about this one)

Reddit --> Not good. I did have one hot lead, but in general I would expect far better result for the amount of traffic I received. It could either of two things:

1. I gave away too much for free
2. I targeted the wrong sub reddit

Follow ups --> Not good. But I would do this again, since it only took about ten minutes. I tried Steli Efti's 1-2-3 technique, which has worked for me in the past.

All in all, I won't completely change everything, since we are still very early in our journey. But I will make small adjustments!

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