April 9th, 2020 | Shit day

Hey. It's been a while since I have been in a bit of a rut. Yesterday and today, I woke up at 08:00 AM. That's far too late, since I start work at 10:00 AM and my goal is to work 4 hours on my own stuff.

Yesterday was one of my worst days ever. I felt like shit when I went to bed. At least I woke up and I'm feeling nice and fresh, like I hit the restart button. There were quite a few factors as to why yesterday sucked.

1. Woke up late and the only thing I did was write my blog and tweet my monthly progress
2. Work was exhausting. I had many meetings.
3. I didn't have much food left, all I ate was a bit of rice.

The thing is that the queues at the supermarkets here are insane, so I opted not to go. I'll have to go today. yesterday all day I was hungry.

Last but not least, I ran into some problems with Gumroad, I had to change my payout settings to Greece and use PayPal, since they asked me for a ID that shows that I live in England...

One thing that is veeeery interesting is that yesterday, although my tweets got about two likes, I got more traffic from Twitter than any other medium.  Even Reddit, my post from the day before yesterday brought my less visitors.

Twitter is a powerful distribution channel after all. The problem is that I can't read Analytics, I am useless. For example, GitGardener got ~200 visitors the month so far, and yesterday that I tweeted it got about ~95. From my Analytics dashboard, I see that nearly all of the visits were direct.

Same for Cyberleads, when I posted on Reddit, about ~100 visitors had the correct referrer, and about ~900 were direct.

There is something dodgy with direct traffic, might have to read about it.

One thing is for sure. There is a correlation between tweeting and getting traffic and new customers. So, I'll keep it up.

So, today I wanna do a few things:

- Sort of Gumroad payout situation
- Send an email to Instagram account that advertised GitGardener in the past
- Send email to a guy that mentions GitGardener in his blog post. It's my old domain and now it takes you to some Chinese site.
- Start connecting on LinkedIn, aka start the direct sales process

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