April 10th, 2020 | LinkedIn

Today I started reaching out to people on LinkedIn. Also, I decided I will tweet about everything on Twitter. I will tweet the way I blog.

I got good feedback for my tweet storm yesterday, so that motivated me.

And by good feedback, I mean ONE comment saying "thank you for being transparent, it helps me a lot!".

That's enough. That's far more than enough.

By the way, I have started using "Hemingway", it's an editor that helps you write cleaner and bolder. It doesn't allow passive voice or complicated sentences or words.

Anyway, I started reaching out to people on LinkedIn.

My hitlist is companies helping startups hire remote workers. From these companies, I want to connect with anyone doing outbound sales.

So, I'm clicking connect on LinkedIn and adding a note to it, still working on what it should look like.

I have very low expectations, like, who the fuck checks their linkedin? I could get a response in months.

Should I get their emails and cold email them? I'll first go through the whole list, and if the results are bad, I will :)

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