April 8th, 2020 | Keep an open mind

I often panic. Especially before this corona thing. I felt like I had to do things fast.

"In two months I want to be ramen profitable"


"This time next year I want to be a nomad"

Of course, timelines like that are not realistic. If everything I did went according to plan, I would have been a nomad since Summer of '18.

Anyway, I really wanted to reach that fucking $500 MRR mark I had set 2 years ago in Q1, but I reached $400+MRR.

But, honestly, right now? Who fucking cares. It's like every single clock in the world is frozen.

So, exhale all the bullshit and just relax and focus.

I need to find a repeatable, predictable way of growing Cyberleads and GitGardener.


Last night, before I went to bed, I realized something. I remember GitGardener growing a lot at the same time I started advertising it on Instagram. But! Nearly all my traffic was from google. That was strange. 

Traffic was from Google. It was about ~1000 visitors in February. Now it's back to ~100.

I didn't think of it until yesterday. It must of been people that saw it on Instagram!

You would not sign up with GitHub, etc from your mobile, especially not the instagram browser, it's a pain in the ass.

I suspect they switched over to their computer and just googled "git gardener".

So, maybe Instagram marketing is the way to go for GitGardener. I'll contact my man and others and try to set up another deal.

Now, let's talk about Cyberleads.

What you need to reach financial independence:

1. Solve someone's problem
2. Get in front of them
3. Ask money for it
4. Validate the idea
5. Get in front of new people again and again and again

I found a problem, and in one week I had 1000 visitors to my website and 10 paying customers.

What is frustrating is that after this, I only got one extra customer, again from Product Hunt.

So I know my customers hang out on ProductHunt.

So what have a tried to grow it?

- Engineered marketing. I made a product for ProductHunt, made it to top 5, but got 0 paying customers.

- Top Reddit post in /r/sales. That is probably not the correct subreddit, but at least I am getting better at posting on Reddit. Got 0 paying customers. Maybe I try on /r/Entrepreneur, because when I google "web agency reddit", nearly all results are from there.

- HackerNews. I flopped. I have NEVER been successful there.

- Now I'm going to try Direct Sales.

From all the above, none of them are not very repeatable or reliable, especially engineered marketing and HackerNews. Reddit, mayyybe, direct sales, definitely.

One thing is sure, I will keep an open mind, try every technique in the book and see what suits Cyberleads best.

I have the product. I have the market. All I need is the distribution channel.

As for Direct Sales, I have around ~50 leads. Here is a part of Nathan Barry's article when he started having success with direct sales. He defined a super niche market ("Female Paleo Recipe Bloggers") and went after them.

"Out of about a hundred personal emails, we picked up 5-7 customers. Not great, but also not bad.

Because of my connections in the blogging world only about 1/3rd of these were cold outreach."

There is the big X factor that he was well known in his niche, so  maybe I would have to go through IndieHackers and such first. Dunno.

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