April 7th, 2020 | Reddit

So, yesterday I defined my target customer. Agencies that help startups go remote or hire remote developers.

I started searching manually on Google, but boy was that tiring and hard. Had collected two companies in about 20 minutes. No bueno.

So I went, and found about ~60 that are quite good. Take out a few junk, I would say I have about ~50 companies to work with. That's a good start.

Now I have to think who do I want to approach and how. Is it the founder? Of course not. The marketing team? Maybe. The sales team? Most probably!

Ok, so now I want to find the sales people. Of course you can find them on LinkedIn. Do I just connect with them on LinkedIn? Messages on LinkedIn suck. Do I DM them on Instagram? That would be creepy. Twitter? Maybe. Email? Don't know.

Which email? Their work email or their personal? I personally never use my business email for nothing. But then again, I don't work in a sales team.

So, that's what I have to figure out today, and reach out to at least one person.

Also, yesterday, I couldn't help myself. Since now I have two constraints, no coding without it being needed and no building new products, I was "forced" to post/launch about Cyberleads.

I posted a free list of Reddit in the /r/sales subreddit and I'm currently at no 2 right now.

I think I have cracked Reddit. Basically they want you to give, not ask. If you are to ask, make sure you don't plug in anything of yours, especially if it is inteded to make money.

And to be fair, I aint mad at that. If mods were not sensitive, Reddit would be a spammers paradise.

Anyway, so far, I have had about ~100 visitors to my site and 0 customers. I have one very hot lead, he says that he will subscribe later today. They asked for some extra emails, and I'll do it for them, what he is saying makes sense.

I also got a message from another guy on Reddit saying that he has a "very strong network" of people that may benefit, and asked for a commission based deal, for every person he subscribes. I said yes, offering him a 30% commission, which is more than fair.

I honestly have very low expectations for both people above, both the guy that said he would subscribe, and the guy that says he can subscribe others.

Let's see what happens, right now, I'll go and come up with a plan as to how to approach these people.

But one thing is sure, I'll just be myself. I just got a message right now saying "Got problems with GDPR? Check out https://....com if interested!"

How lame. If he had said "Hey man, how are you handling GDPR?" I wouldn't even recognize he is selling me something. We could chat and then he could mention that he could HELP ME! That's what I want to do as well.


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