April 6th, 2020 | Defining my target customer

Monday, 6th of April, 2020.

Today marks EXACTLY the end of my three month trial period with my company.

They want me to continue here, and I'm very happy for that, since I am learning a lot.

The only way I would have been caught in a dilemma is if I were ramen profitable and I could become a nomad, but right now I am not, plus with the Corona situation even if I wanted to leave, I can't.

Anyway, right now at work it's fascinating, we are working our asses off, remotely, on a project for Covid-19. It doesn't get any better than that. Honestly. I am more pumped than I was working on Epilepsy Blocker.

However, for the future, I hope I am on a good track.

I want to get to $700-800 MRR, I am at $400 MRR right now.

Writing it down makes it seem easy, but right now I am at square 0, after the novelty of the launch wore off and I'm getting like 200 monthly visitors, that's like saying 0, maybe if I am super lucky one of them will convert. Let alone churn.

I decided to start Direct Sales and Quora marketing.

I discussed yesterday about the tactics I want to follow from Nathan Barry, Jason Cohen and Steli Efti.

Then, I went and analyzed every single one of my customers for Cyberleads, both the ones that are still active as well as the ones that cancelled.

I concluded that I should focus on Digital Agencies.

Many people hate selling to agencies, and I can imagine why. There are so many, there are bound to be great ones, and horrible ones.

The goal here is to nail down my target customer. Nathan Barry's was "Female Paleo Recipe Blogger". THAT specific. Then he could list them ALL down.

Generic agencies. Who the hell am I to list them all down? Impossible.

Growth agencies. Don't know. It's more of a consultancy.

Remote team building agencies. Aha! Now this is both my favorite customer, and it's very hot right now and it will be in the future.

Let's get super specific and then I'll wrap up this blog post to go and list them all.

Hmm.. Remember, the goal is to create an echo chamber. We want to mention our customer and get instant credibility.

Might be miles off on this one, but I'll give it a try. I have no idea if it's easy to find agencies online, and don't know how I'll reach out. Today, I list them all down.


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