September 26th, 2021 | Triathlon

My sister is running the Paris marathon next month.

I ran a marathon this time last year and I had no interest in running a marathon again. 

However, this would be an exception because my sister raised money for charity. For cancer research, specifically, because we have lost both our grandfather and our grandmother to cancer.

So this would be an exception. I wanted to go and run alongside my sister in memory of my sweet grandfather and grandmother.

But I can't go. I'm not allowed. You have to register almost a year before and they won't let you run aside others if you haven't registered.

So that's off unfortunately.

However, that planted a seed in my mind.

Maybe I should do something hard and difficult again.

What if I run a marathon again, by myself? Like I did around this time last year?

Nah... running is too boring. And it's too much impact on joints and shit.

Why don't I do... a triathlon maybe?

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Swimming, biking and running.

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