September 22nd, 2021 | Languages

Languages are like engineering.

Your raw materials are the words. 10 nouns x 10 adjectives x 10 verbs = 1M sentences

I go. I eat. I want eat. I go sea. I love you.

You can start playing.

Then you have the grammar, which is like engineering protocols.

Say you want to say something about the future. Well, the language’s engineering protocol says you should construct and string your sentence this way.

When talking about the future: I <will> go. You <will> eat. And so on.

But languages are also like art.

You can throw in a funny word.

Or humor in the language’s way.

For example, there are specific things you can say in Greek that are funny, but don’t make sense in English.

And vice versa.

So languages are both engineering and art.


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