July 2021 | Flow, memories and serendipity ($4.8K MRR) ✨

This month was amazing.

CyberLeads grew. Went on holidays. And it feels like I'm starting to live my dream lifestyle.

As far as business goes, nothing really changed. Kept pushing and doing the same shit, again and again.

Worked on Twitter. Also worked on SEO and got my first ever customer from Google. Really exciting and motivating.

De-risking my business is my number one priority for this year. And having a second distribution channel is the biggest factor left.

I've been getting in a flow. Working in the morning with a clear mind. Waking up fresh without an alarm. Exercising every day. Eating healthy. Working out with my personal trainer. Reading. Writing. And so on.

However, even though everything is improving in my life, my birthday came up a few days ago and I freaked out.

I'm not going through a quarter life crisis anymore. I am already pretty close to where I wanted to be and feel good about myself. I'm confident, energized and most importantly happy and have people I love and love me back. 

But I value time a lot more than I did in the past. I can see the years going by faster and faster. And there is no stopping it. I am accepting the fact that life goes by quickly and we won't even realize how soon we will wake up one day and we'll be old.

I have only found one hack to fight back in this losing battle. And that's doing new things, traveling and creating memories.

For example, I've been here in Sicily for around 4 months now. However, a single week that I toured the island with my girlfriend "feels" like half of my stay here. In my mind, it takes the same space as 4 months of living here do.

And memories are the only thing that make your life feel long.

If I had stayed that week at home working deep in flow, that time would be gone in an instant. Possibly with zero long term memories.

Traveling and doing different things takes time and stretches it.

Your brain can't be "efficient" and not record what is happening. It has to store things in your long term memory.

And your brain has to think about what is happening in the moment. You are present. It can't run on autopilot to save short term memory space.
(amazing how this sounds like computers, with hard disks and RAM)

So yeah. I've been optimizing for my daily life and it's been going great. I truly believe every day life brings happiness. Not living for the summer holidays or the weekends. Because 99% of life is simply today, repeated over and over again.

But now I want to put in some salt and pepper to this food called life. Some extra spice. Make it interesting and memorable.

Because the years are going by. And life is going by.

I can't even comprehend the weight of this statement, but I'm probably 33% through my life already.

Flow and productivity are great for happiness, accelerating your career, reaching your goals and achieving freedom.

But sadly, they don't create any memories. And memories are what make life feel long and worth living.

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