June 2021 | No idea what I'm doing ($4K MRR) 😬

At the end of last month, I embraced the fact that I will be running a newsletter for the foreseeable future.

It was liberating, as it allowed me to focus my energy on distribution and marketing again.

I read Traction again, my favorite marketing book of all time.

It's written by the co-founder of DuckDuckGo. It explains in detail all the distribution channels you can use for your product, as well as strategies and tips on how to do it.

I picked up a few things and started running experiments with an open mind. You never know what might work.

I started posting on LinkedIn and Quora. I did a bit of cold email outreach. I started sharing different types of tweets. Started buying little presents for my customers. And much more.

I also increased my prices from $99/month to $149/month. While I thought it was too much, I continued getting customers as usual.

Combined with a lower churn, it resulted in CyberLeads breaking the $4k MRR mark!

And while I was about to celebrate, I felt weird. I had no idea what lead to this result.

Is my business growing because of my new actions or not?

Is my business growing just because my online presence is growing?

Is my business growing just because I increase my prices from time to time?

Is my business growing because I am at it for a long time and MRR compounds by it's nature?

I honestly have no fucking idea of what I'm doing.

And.. somehow.. miraculously.. I have reached $50,000 per year!

I don't know if running a business always feels like this, but right now I feel completely lost and blind.

I'm just paddling a boat in complete darkness.

I guess since things are going well, I'll continue doing the same shit.

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