August 8th, 2021 | Security

I love fixing single points of failure.

This time is my online security.

Building a business and achieving financial freedom is one thing. I've done that. But keeping it intact and securing it is another.

A few weeks ago, my sister was hacked. Nothing crazy, and nothing targeted. Just some Facebook password leak and a failed login attempt from another location.

Made me wonder. If someone hacks me, I'm fucked.

I was already using a password manager and never have the same password for two separate services. But I can do better.

I added 2FA authentication on all services I use. And not SMS 2FA authentication, that's very vulnerable. I use an authenticator app on a mobile device.

But that creates a new problem!

What if you lose your phone?

Imagine losing it while you're out or someone stealing it. Now you lost access to all of your services and your business. You are fucked even worse.

So, now I'm using a second, older phone of mine that always stays home with my laptop.

Secured with my fingerprint and a hard password.

I think I'm pretty secure.

The Pareto of online security:
- A password manager
- Different, hard passwords
- 2FA authentication on all services (not SMS though)

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