August 5th, 2021 | Breadth vs Depth

I am on holidays in Greece, in the mountains.

I found Homer's Iliad and Oddysey on an old shelf.

It's sort of a compressed version for teenagers, around 200 pages.

I let down my Kindle with the self help book I'm currently reading, which is awesome by the way, and started reading.

It's awesome so far! And although they taught us some parts, I remember nothing from school.

I wonder what is more beneficial to someone. Personally. Professionally. Emotionally. Whatever. Just in general.

Reading business books? Self help books? Philosophy books? Mythology? Going deep in one subject? Go broad and read the fundamentals in many subjects? Ready anything at random?

I don't know.

I think it's good to read about everything, as long as it's the classics.

Serendipity is a good thing after all. The most influential books I've ever read were found like this, at random.

Not through Twitter, or through the Amazon best-seller list.

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