March 26th, 2020 | Maybe...?

Bad start to the day, I woke up at 08:00 AM.

Ever since I started working from home due to Covid-19, I sleep like a log. No stress, no nothing. So some times I don't even hear my alarm clock. Luckily, since I aim to get up at 05:00 AM or 06:00 AM, I never sleep past 08:00 AM. That's when my batteries are full.

Anyway, yesterday I was saying that Angelstep is done. And I'm happy about that.

I will now start focusing on Cyberleads, or at least those were my thoughts last night.

This morning I woke up with an idea. Should I just launch my last idea of the bunch I had to get it out of my system? Then I can say that March was a bad month and start fresh in April.

I have a list of every startup that raised money in February and a list of every investor that invested in February. I could make use of them before they "expire".

I wanted to build my last idea I had, called Silicon scoop.

It's a premium newletter, basically combining Cyberleads, Angelstep and also add acquitisions in there.

So, a monthly newsletter, with every single startup that just raised money, every single investor that just invested and every single acquitision.

I could probably launch it in a day. Friday, that is tomorrow, seems like a good day. That way I would get all my ideas out of my system. If it fails, I don't even give a flying fuck. I have a clean slate to work on Cyberleads.

I wanted to start working on Cyberleads today, but maybe I have one last product, and I want to dedicate this month to failed launches. Lol.

If I do this, I will do it in a thread, on Twitter, in the open, and launch on Twitter tomorrow.

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