July 11th, 2021 | Ancient cities

Last night we arrived in Agrigento. A little city in the south of Sicily, where the Greeks used to live thousands of years ago.

We got to the city and tried getting around the center. Huge mistake.

I could hardly even turn without scratching the paint of my rented car. And it was a double road. If someone would have come from the other side came - we would be fucked. Haha. Italian problems.

Visiting ancients cities in Europe is always cool, because they are so human centered. The streets are so narrow and hostile towards cars - simply because they were built before the invention of cars. It’s not a bug. It’s a feature!

Almost the opposite of the US. Where cities were built around people commuting with cars.

The city is super walkable. Tiny cobbled streets everywhere. No cars. You feel as if it was built for humans. Not machines.

Had a lovely little coffee and breakfast. In a few hours we are going to visit the ancient ruins here. Some Greek temples. Super excited.

PS: Worked this morning a couple of hours from the hotel. Got a lot of shit done, so not feeling guilty!

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