July 7th, 2021 | Euros

Italians play football with a burning passion. With a certain kind of flair. And with mean intentions.

They try to score with every opportunity that is given to them. And they never give up.

Even though I'm not a football fan and I'm not Italian, I can't help but root for them through and through.

Have been going out to see the Euro matches and the atmosphere is always electric. People biting their nails. Others crying. Others swearing in Italian that even I can understand. Me and my girlfriend always laugh out loud when we see these things.

So stupid. Yet, so beautiful. Passion is contagious, even when it comes to kicking a stupid ball around.

In the end, we are also shouting and screaming along with them, unwillingly.

It will be hard to watch if Italy and England go to the finals.

England is the most boring and soulless team I've seen. But I am half English, on paper, I should root for them.

But Italy is on fire. And I love this country.

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