March 24th, 2020 | Anxiety

Let me be honest, I think I have anxiety the last few days.

Although I have written about it in my blog post "plans for 2020", in the top right of the homepage, I fell into the same trap.

The trap being placing non actionable goals. Every single time I have seen some "success" it was when I was taking every day at a time, without thinking about the future. But boy oh boy, I saw that we are one week away of Q1 and one forth through the year.

This time next week 25% of the year will have passed and Q1 will be over.

Let's see where I stand and why I'm anxious:

Goal for Q1 was: Find a B2B product and get a customer with a >$50/mo price tag.

I found Cyberleads, the price tag is $29/mo but I got 9 paying customers when I launched. (actually 10 people subscribed, but one guy unsubscribed the same day and asked for a refund)

Goal for Q1: OK, not great, but def not bad

I didn't have any other goal, but I got carried away when I launched Cyberleads. I went from $130 MRR to $410 MRR in one week. It was crazy. This was about a month ago.

Since then, after I sent out the list, two people unsubscribed, and two people were cancelled by Gumroad automatically because of failed payments when their time came to renew their subscription.

So now I have 5 paying customers for Cyberleads.


Cyberleads -> $145/mo
GitGardener -> $164/mo

Total -> $310 MRR

I am $100 MRR down from last month, and to be honest I though I would have cracked the $500 MRR goal I have been chasing for 2+ years now.

But I must stop doing that, that brings me anxiety. Things I can't control.

I can't make others subscribe. When things were blowing up, it wasn't me that was doing it. When people were unsubscribing, it wasn't me that was making their payments fail.

I have to concentrate again on myself and let it come naturally.

Yesterday I launched Angelstep on Facebook, crickets.

Tomorrow I launch it on Reddit and I leave it in peace. If it doesn't go well, I focus on Cyberleads and that's it.

Anyway, that was my goal for Q1 anyway, find a B2B project that checks multiple boxes:

- B2B
- Tech
- Easy to maintain
- High price tag (I can def increase price)
- Know the distribution channels

I did that and I'm at 5 paying customers. Not too bad. What's left after this quarter is to find a reliable way to grow this.

My other goal was to find a reliable way to grow GitGardener. I still haven't cracked that. My experiments with Instagram and affiliate deals did not go well. Maybe I should consider SEO? Yuck. I fucking hate that.

Maybe I should not beat myself up. Let's see what happens tomorrow with Angelstep and go from there.

Reddit is a bit scary. I won't self promote. I will just post a free list of hundreds of investors that are investing right now.

I have found three subreddits to promote it and on post on each that went well:

- /r/startups

- /r/Entrepreneur

- /r/venturecapital

I'm thinking maybe I should change the website, launch entirely for free with an email box, get their emails and then try to convert them.

But I feel most people there will just want free stuff and will never pay. Hmmm.. We'll see tomorrow morning.

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