April 19th, 2021 | Square one

This time last year I was in a rough spot. I had a few customers, and I was struggling to find new ones.

Meanwhile, my initial customers from the launch were churning, since the product was still very immature.

I was trying everything. Direct Sales. Quora. Blogs. Sponsoring newsletters. Twitter. Reddit. Ads.

While experimenting, randomly, I ended up blowing up on Twitter twice in a week, resulting in customers. That was it. I decided to double down on organic social reach.

One year later, I'm in a similar spot. My quality of life has skyrocketed. My life has changed. I'm making a lot more money. But I feel like I'm stagnating again. My growth rate is stable.

Now, I'm trying to unlock the next flywheel. Launching took me to the hundreds. Organic reach took me to the thousands. What is going to take me to the tens of thousands?

I've been trying to make SEO work, but it's not working. At all. Maybe I've got this all wrong.

Maybe I should have more patience and do more of the same? Or am I right in trying different things?

I'm in a trilemma. I don't know how to invest the rest of my time.

- Should I focus even more on what's working and break the plateau?
- Focus on SEO and try to make it work?
- Go back to square one and experiment with growth channels?

Tough choice. I'm thinking of going with number three.

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