February 23rd, 2021 | Programming is procrastination

Spent the last few days migrating Cyberleads' website from my no code tool, to my custom website.

The reason is that my blogs have started to rank on Google!

I don't want to invest more in my no code tool and be locked in there. Especially since it's capabilities are limited and it might shut down in a year or two from now.

I want to automate stuff and scale what I have. And do some small, but super specific things. That can only be done with code.

I picked my most familiar technology. Ruby on Rails. jQuery. And Bulma. I've built more than 15 products with this stack.

It took five days to complete the whole website.

The website is ready. All the pages. All the meta tags. All the urls. The design. Everything is virtually identical.

All that's left is to transfer my blog posts and the switch my DNS records to point to my new website.

I don't think my rankings will be impacted. And anyway, I caught this thing early. I hardly have any visitors, anyway.

However, I'm not sure if I like working with code again.

I have a very weird relationship with it. I love it. But I have associated it with "pretend work".

These past few days I have been programming. But I haven't really grown or marketed Cyberleads.

Internally, I'm thinking of it as "one step backwards, to take two steps forward". But I'm not sure about that.

That's another big, but hidden, plus of no code. It eliminates programming from your daily life.

Without programming, all that was left is marketing and product. The things that truly matter.

Programming is usually procrastination.

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