February 20th, 2021 | Borderline obsessed

Today I went for a long bike ride with my girlfriend.

The weather is great here in Munich. Even though it was snowing like crazy last week.

While leaving, I closed my laptop and left a task half done. I hate doing that. As a result, I left the house with my usual guilt. That of not working hard enough.

Although I was gone for just four hours, I didn't think of Cyberleads, Twitter or business once.

It was lovely to shut off my monkey brain for a few hours.

At the end of our ride, as I was cruising, my mind relaxed too much. And went straight back to it's usual place. Business.

I think I have to admit that I am borderline obsessed with what I do.

Not necessarily a bad thing. But not a good thing, either.

For the past 5 years, I have been thinking about tech projects all day, every day.

These pathways have been carved out and my brain has been rewired. Every single time my brain relaxes, it starts thinking about business.

Business ideas. What I could do to scale my business. Ways to beat competition. Ways I could pivot. Ways I could market my product.

The sad thing is that it happens no matter where I am or what I'm doing. It might even be in a personal moment with a person I love. Like family, friends or partner.

I think this will never go away. Even if I reach my goals, I'll make new ones. $5k per month in profit seemed like end game this time last year. Now, I'm looking at $50k per month. I don't want the money. I'm just obsessed with the game.

That being said, I did great today. And felt very normal.

Maybe I should do outdoor activities more often.

Running is great. But you can't leave the house for hours.

Maybe I'll buy a bike in Palermo and go to the beach and back :)

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