February 9th, 2021 | Negative publicity

Next month I'm leaving Milan and moving to Sicily.

Going from the very high north, to the very low south. From almost Germany, to almost Africa.

Last night I saw a documentary on Netflix. It was about Palermo, the capital of Sicily. The place I'm going to.

It was the epitome of negative publicity. All about the Sicilian mafia. And how they were connected to the New York mafia.

It compared the old school mafia, to the new school mafia. The romantic type we see in the movies like The Godfather, with the new mafia selling drugs and killing innocent people.

Eventually, the whole mafia came crumbling down because the leader of the old guard, came out and broke the "omerta". He gave everyone and everything, including himself.

After that, the Italian authorities were able to arrest more than 500 people and get a hold of the situation.

At it's peak, in the 80s, there was one murder every three days in Palermo. Nowadays, it is said that things have changed.

By the end of the documentary, I was a little bit worried.

"Where the fuck am I going?"

But, to be honest, I want to go now even more. There is a story and a narrative behind the place.

Maybe there is no such thing as negative publicity, after all.

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