January 4th, 2021 | End of an era

Today I took my professional equipment back to the office. Work laptop, chargers, etc.

Even since leaving the office building this morning, I feel like a new era has began. It feels real now.

Scared? Yes. Excited? Very.

Today marks exactly one year since I came to Milan.

A lot can happen in a year, after all.

I arrived here as an unexperienced boy, to work as a junior engineer, with $50/mo in side income.

Today, I'm leaving the company as a self-employed man, making over $5k/mo from my tech business.

If you feel stuck, just remember that progress is not linear. It compounds.

Also, if you can, get the fuck out of your home town. Even better, your home country.

You need new stimuli.

Right now, I feel a healthy stressor. I didn't feel it so far, over the holidays, but now I want to push hard and hustle.

I start tomorrow morning, I just set my alarm.

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