January 3rd, 2021 | Lost

I updated all my blog posts with the new format.

I took the chance to read them as well while doing it. I ended up reading every single blog post I've posted this year.

It was very helpful, especially since I am in the midst of planning out my year's plan.

I went to the dark places of "idea phase". When I was 19 products in, with no results to show to anyone.

Or even after I found Cyberleads. Then, I was stuck and couldn't find a good distribution channel.

Depressing stuff. But useful to look back on and study.

My biggest take away is that I was lost. After trying again and again, inevitably I was "blessed with luck".

Namely, I found one good product, one good distribution channel and one reliable and reproducible way of utilizing that channel again and again.

So, please Alex, don't start believing in your own hype.

You (inevitably) got lucky. And you found something that works really, really well for you. So well, that it actually changed your life and gave you your freedom.

Don't start thinking "top-down" now, believing you know what the fuck is going on and how the world works.

Be grateful, and double down on what's working for you. While it's still working for you.

Like Nassim Taleb says, "tinkering is the mother of all inventions". Not top-down approaches.

Keep experimenting and being playful.

I'm pretty confident that our biggest heroes in business (and life) don't know what the fuck they are doing. They just found a few things that worked great, doubled down on them, executed for years and scored home runs.

I was lucky a few times in 2020. Let's see if I can replicate that in the following years.

A few more breakout moments like that, and I could be on my way to something big.

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