December 25, 2020 | Cockroach mentality

Got an email this morning while I was drinking my coffee.

Close to $1k of sales just arrived into my account from the past week.

"Great, that's another whole month of oxygen... If ever needed."

That's was my first, spontaneous thought.

I'm very happy about that. I'm planning to spend more than $1k every month, but I'm happy that I'm willing to go there.

Heck, I'm willing to make $1k last two months, if needed.

I would even be willing to eat garbage and sleep on a couch, or a floor.

And I'm sure many of you reading this would too.

That's the mentality you need to have if you want to be anti fragile and last.

Cockroaches survive.

I don't see money any more. I just see runway and oxygen.

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