Feb 16th, 2020 | I found it!

This week was the best week of the year. Actually, the best week of 2019 as well. Maybe even 2018. Maybe the best week of my two year journey so far.

TLDR; Validated a new product and instantly went up to $150 MRR. Plus, it's B2B and in tech!!! I found it!

Long story:
I am so happy and proud of my progress I can't even explain. I think this project is the one that will set me free. And it's my 17th launch... yes... 17th...

Two years ago, I ditched my "startup idea" which was a mobile app like Snapchat, but for bars and night clubs. I wrote thousands and thousands lines of code for more than one year, polishing and shining every little detail, adding features. Even pitched to VCs, and joined an accelerator. Made $0.

The idea was shit. B2C, needed funding, winner take all market, etc.

Fast forward two years, I built a product in a few hours, writting 0 lines of code, launched, and reached $150 MRR.

The idea is great. B2B, could launch without even building anything, in a market I can reach, etc etc

Some progress, eh? :)

Next week I will start collecting data and also try to convert a few people that are nearly ready to buy. I will create a sample and send it to them. Let's see what happens.

We are exactly half way through Q1 and my target was a $50/mo B2B product with a good distribution channel and also find a solid growth strategy for GitGardener. I think things are looking really bright. But I shouldn't slow down, now it's when my habits will pay off...

That's it. I found the projects I will focus on.

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