Feb 15th, 2020 | Launched, instantly $87 MRR!

So yesterday was a crazy day, I launched a product at last!

And guess what, I think I validated it already! It's in the lead generation space, a monthly newletter with a list of hundreds of startups that just raised money.

Three people subscribed for $29/mo and about another three were asking for a sample before committing. I offered a full refund if they are not happy but they did not respond. Maybe I should follow up at some point.

As you understand, my dilemma a few weeks ago was that maybe launching early is not the right approach and that I should collect emails and feedback etc. 

I started with Product Hunt Ship but I just can't make it work, this is the second time I'm unsubscribing and I think I won't be using it again.

The launch on Product Hunt was nothing crazy. Barely on the front page, on a random Friday. However, people took out their credit cards and paid! It's just so different when you build something people pay for... it's so much easier.

Now I launched like this, which means I have to build a parashute now while falling. On the 1st of March these people expect a lovely list of leads, and I will deliver it to them.

I will start collecting leads on Monday. This weekend I will also launch on Facebook groups and collect as many people as I can.

Let's see how it goes!

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