November 7, 2020 | Smelling the roses

Found this note on my work laptop.

It's from March, 2020. Just a few months ago.

My whole dream was to reach $800 MRR, aka $10k ARR.

Some months since then, I have made three times that amount.

But as you can imagine, I'm still not content. I still have the hunger to grow Cyberleads.

I still don't feel completely stable and safe.

After all, numbers does not make you happy.

Theoretically, I should stop and smell the roses now for ever. But it's not easy.

I do try to remind myself of how much I've worked for this, but there is something I enjoy even more.

My favorite feeling in the world is excitement for the future. And momentum.

My least favorite feeling, worry. And feeling that I'm stale, and dying every day without taking risks or living my life.

The interesting thing is that they are very similar. Stress and excitement.

The chemicals inside your body, that are responsible for both of these states are the same, and will always be present in your life.

It's almost as if there are some available slots in our body. You fill them up with any chance you get.

Watching TV. Driving your car. Washing your dishes.

Even if you were a prince, you would be filled with worry.

Even if you made one million dollars today, you would be filled with worry.

Instead of trying to kill this beast, why not try to tame it?

Trick your brain into translating that worry, which is really just realizing the uncertainty of the universe, into excitement.

That's my whole goal.

Try to translate uncertainty and worry into excitement for the future.

Yes, I am happy that I smashed my goal.

But I am even more happy that I am excited about the future. And that I'm feeling momentum. Rather than being worried about it.

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