October 5, 2020 | Fix my priorities

That's it. Daily blog and tweets are my number one priority from now on.

Promoting Cyberleads is the most important thing. So I'll write a small blog post to get my brain working, and then draft a tweet.

First thing in the morning. While I'm fresh.

And I won't touch any other task unless I am done with these.

I believe I'll be much more consistent from now on!

Today I wrote the monthly article for September.

Spoiler alert, it's the first month I dropped in revenue.

The reason is that I was half-assing marketing and focused too much on the product and writing the monster blog post, "Two and a half years of building products".

Very little traffic equals few new customers.

Now subtract churn.


You have dropped MRR.

🎥 Video version

🔊 Podcast version

✉️ I want to get notified of big milestones


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