September 30, 2020 | Randomness

The last two months I have been doing pretty much the same things.

I have doubled down on what's working but haven't done much else, really.

Zero creativity.

The "athlete vs artist"  concept I wrote about in "two and a half years of building products" is still something I'm working on.

There are grey areas in there.

Creativity is always needed, even inside the same repetitive functions.

For example: Yes. By all means double down on what's working for you. Cyberleads and Twitter.

But even on Twitter, add a bit of creativity. A bit of randomness. Some spices. 

Sometimes, because I have more followers, I feel like I should be careful about what I post about.

What you don't post is just as important as what you post.

But I have to embrace the creative side of things a bit more.

Give "luck" the opportunity to knock on my door :)

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