Feb 6th, 2020 | Work

Yesterday I sent many instagram DMs and emails. I got replies and many are interested. Of course, interested does not mean a done deal, many times I get back to them and they don't reply, so I followed up with some yesterday.

So far I have -theoretically- one affiliate deal (50/50 split) with an account with 70k followers and one deal for $10 for a month, which includes 10 posts, 10 stories and link in bio. The account has 25k followers and the price is bonkers, super cheap.

I think I will start with the second deal, just pay $10 and see if I get any customers. If things go well... well that will be super interesting... No reason to set up affiliate payment systems if it's not worth it.

I also went to reddit for "idea hunting". I posted this is the /r/pentesting subreddit and got some good pain points. Here is the post. Emphasizing that I'm a student is a huge advantage, and it's true, I still haven't got my MSc.

Today I will send some more emails and also follow up with the other leads I had from instagram. I'm also going to get ready to launch DevCake on Sunday :)

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