Feb 5th, 2020 | One more hour

It's 5:30 AM. I went to bed one hour earlier in order to get up one hour earlier. Now I have three hours to work before going to the gym at 8:30.

Yesterday I sent just a few DMs to Instagram accounts that post programming memes and such and asked them if they would be interested in an affiliate deal. One interesting take away is that so many people have an email and when you email them the response is totally different than the response when you DM them. I am in talks with three people who are interested in an affiliate deal. They have 50k, 40k, and 140k followers and I offered them a nice 50/50 split. Let's see what they say.

Today I will send more DMs and emails for GitGardener. That will take about an hour.

Then, I will build a new Product Hunt Ship page, I am running out of time for my monthly payment and have not utilized it at all. It's like launching once on Product Hunt, you don't do well, and then say "Well, PH sucks". It's not the case. With the right idea and positioning, you can find many beta users there.

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