September 14, 2020 | Remote work

Remote work is amazing. I miss it already.

It's a huge jump up from a "quality of life" perspective.

As you probably know, I am spending this week in the office  in order to meet some new team mates in person.

The new guys are great. I could easily be friends with them even outside of work.

But this experience sent me dark flashbacks from January and February.

It's not that I don't enjoy the people there, but that it's super tiring for some reason.

You are supposed to sit down and work for eight hours, even though everyone knows that it's not natural. Especially when you're doing a creative job. We are humans. Not machines.

I think we have the capacity for 2-3 hours of creative work every day. That's it. At least for me.

But in those hours I can get serious, very serious work in.

I was discussing about  this with my best friend from Greece, just the other day.

He's in a bit of a rough spot.

Just broke up with his girlfriend and he is rethinking his life and priorities.

He doesn't like his job and never did.

His manager is an asshole. His team is full of people  that are 20 years older than him. The subject of his work is boring as well. They build ERP software for electrical suppliance companies.

Like most people, his dream is to take control of his life, money and time.

The end goal is freedom. Financial. Geographical. Time.

We were weighing and comparing his options.

1. Find a remote job
2. Start a freelancing business
3. Build his own digital product
4. Build his own subscription business

As we were discussing, we saw that 3 and 4 are super high risk and take a long time.

Number 2, building a freelance business, is may be less difficult, but you need money aside for dry times. He hasn’t.

For him right now, we decided the best “bang for his buck” is to  try to find a remote job.

You don’t get control of your money. But you get control of your geographical location and somewhat control of your time.

This week really reminded me how much better it is to work remotely.

And how happy I am my company has embraced it.

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