September 12, 2020 | Suprisingly pleasant

Yesterday at the office it was surprisingly pleasant.

Almost, worryingly pleasant.

I saw many people I'm familiar with but hadn't seen face to face for ages. Met some team mates that joined remotely and knew them only from Zoom.

Had a great time chatting and getting instant feedback on issues and technical problems I had. Went out for drinks with my colleagues at night.

It's 09:00AM now and I'm at the office again. I woke up early and got here early as well.

It's super nice. I didn't expect this.

Maybe I have changed. I don't view this job as a trap anymore because I'm staying on my own terms.

I'm productive. Because I'm not here so I don't get fired. Or because I need money.

I'm here because I want to be here.

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