September 11, 2020 | Office

Back in the office this week for my day job.

It's been months. I've been working remotely since the beginning of March, so it feels strange to be back here.

Everything was different back in January and February. I mean, of course, the whole world changed. But my world changed a lot as well.

I'm exactly where I was fantasizing to be, while gazing outside of these windows.

It's amazing.

It's also helping me write the mega blog post that is coming out this Friday:

"Two and a half years of indie hacking."

I decided to take a more 'mental' approach and instead of focusing on how I grew Cyberleads, focus on how I got the idea for Cyberleads.

Many people are in idea phase, like I was just six months ago, so I have to pay it forward and talk about it in depth.

In the "Three years of indiehacking" I can talk more about what it's like growing a company and finding product market fit.

I would really like your opinion on this, and please shoot me your recommendations on Twitter. As a DM.

Let me know what you would want to hear about!

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