Jan 2020 | Finding my rhythm ($123 MRR) 🚶

My MRR is $123, all from GitGardener. Net revenue for this month was $185.

This was the first month of the year and I'm pretty happy with it.

Many things happened. I moved abroad, from Greece to Italy, Milan. I started a Full Stack Developer job full time, and it's going great, I'm enjoying it. I have found my rhythm and program in order to prioritize my personal projects and my health in my everyday life.

This is my program:

Wake up at 06:00
Work until 08:00
Go to gym until 09:00
Shower and go to work at 10:00

Get back home at 18:30
Eat and chat with my room mates until 21:00
Sleep at 22:00

What I want to do is put in another hour in the morning. Like sleep at 21:00 and wake up at 05:00, that way I can have 3 hours of work every morning.

When it comes to the actual work itself, again, mixed feelings. Yes, I am focused because the constraint of having a fixed amount of time to work makes you focus. I get more things done now than I did back in Greece with no job or anything. But at the same time, I am still cherry picking what to work on. Let me explain.

My goal is to "launch" 50 products. When I say launch, I mean experiment, launch can be a post on Reddit with a fake software mockup done in Figma and a Beta email signup.

But, I find myself being to picky. I post, then I dissapear if things don't go well. I should have a minimum of 5 posts per idea validation. I have to be willing to go deep in the trenches and the shit, not sit pretty with my clean clothes and hands posting something on Reddit and if it doesn't blow up run away before getting rejected.

Some candidates:
1) PH Ship
2) Multiple sub reddits
3) Facebook groups
4) Slack groups

What I really want to master though is Reddit. If you can do that, you can validate any idea pretty much, doesn't have to be in tech.

Another thing I did and want to continue doing is although constraints are good, eg. B2B, SaaS, tech, organic growth, this is just one way to be successful.

We indie hackers are in our core rule breakers. We don't believe in the cliches that you need VC money or a big team to succeed. You don't need ads, affiliate marketing doesn't work. But are those true?

I believe that although we are rule breakers, now we have pretty much defined our own rules and we are following them kinda blindly. Why haven't I ever tried affiliate marketing or ads with GitGardener? It's making around $200/mo and if one of the above works, maybe in six months it's making $500/mo or even $1000/mo. How do I know that affiliate marketing and ads don't work? How do I know that B2C products with a $5/mo and $10/mo plan don't work? I have to see for myself.

So this month will consist of true work. Now the program is done, here is how we go forward.

The goal for Q1 is to get GitGardener is a stable growing state, and then leave it alone. Also, by the end of Q1, I wan't to have 1 B2B customer on a $50/mo plan.

This month? Try both of the above. Create mockups for ideas and post them online.

I might even go idea hunting on Reddit, I read this story which was fucking inspiring as fuck. Here is another cliche destroyed, that you need to "scratch your own itch", you can also go "idea hunting".


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