Week #25 | Weekly blogs

After nearly six months of being in a tiny room in Milan, I left.

I came to Munich, at a university campus, to see my girlfriend. It's located next to a big forrest, where I go to run.

I love the change of scenery. It helps me refresh my mind and get new ideas.

I'm not really sure how I should treat these weekly blogs.

The monthly blogs are usually long format, with my high level journey under the microscope.

My daily blogs are full zoomed in at day level, where I talk about anything that crosses my mind. The weekly ones are somewhere lost in the middle. Through the cracks.

I think I have an idea.

The daily ones are where I talk about my everyday thoughts and ideas.

The monthly ones are where I talk about this long journey to financial freedom.

The weekly ones can be where I talk about what I did specifically for Cyberleads.

Let's go.

This week I went through different potential distribution channels for Cyberleads.

I sent a few emails regarding some partnerships. No reply yet.

Also, I sent an email to a guy from IndieHackers that had huge success with affiliate marketing. He gave me some good tips.

Last but not least, I am thinking of giving FB groups one last chance. 

Next week I'll further investigate on those marketing channels.

However, always double down on what's working. For me that's Twitter.