Day #167 | Little brother

In Greece when you are in the last year of high school, you take some exams to enter university.

I took those exams 8 years ago, when I was 17. I wanted to study architecture, but as fate would have it, I got into my 17th choice, Computer Science.

Today, eight years later, my little brother and the youngest of all my siblings, took his first exam.

It's such a trip seeing your little brother grow up, and I can't even imagine what it's like seeing your kids grow up. My tears watered up yesterday thinking about it. My little brother is all grown up.

He wants to study BUSINESS, as he calls it. Business Management is it's official title.

Let's hope he does well. Today he took Greek literature, where you have to analyze poems and pieces of writing, and also write a piece yourself. The subject this year was "How books contribute to a person's personality".

Too bad my brother has read 0 books in his life. God knows what he wrote. Lol.

Now he has three more subjects to take. Math, programming and management.

Let's see how he does :)