June 19th, 2020 | Germany

Today I went from Milan to Munich, to see my girlfriend. I had three choices. Plane. Train. Car.

The plane tickets cost 250 euros and you get there in 1 hour. The train cost 150 and you get there in 10 hours. By car it takes five hours. But I don't have a car here in Italy.

A friend of mine recommended a car sharing app people use in central Europe. I managed to hop on a car trip from Milan to Munich with twenty euros.

The driver was French, and was going from Nice to Munich, to see his daughter. On the way, he stopped in Milan to pick up me and another guy who was going to Berlin.

The driver was the stereotypical french. Did not speak English. Drove super aggressively. It was fun though. We were there in 4:30 hours! Went through the Alpes, Lichtenstein, Switcherland and then Germany. No passport control. No ID checks. Nothing. I felt very "european", if that's even a thing. If only everyone in Europe spoke the same language, we would be something like the US.

I like Germany to be honest, apart from the weather. In Milan it was like summer, in Munich miserable as hell. But everything works like clockwork here. The trains. The metro. The buses. Everyone is on time. Everyone abides by the rules. All things are clean. It's very impressive.

Milan is sort of "central europe" - but Germany is the epitome that. I like it.

I'm writing this blog post from the student dorms my girlfriend is living in. I'll be working from here for the upcoming week - possibly even more :)

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