June 15th, 2020 | Start small

Another week gone by. Summer is here. Everything is beautiful.

Cyberleads has started to look like a small little real business!

I redesigned the website. It looks a lot more professional.

I also got a business email domain! I got to $1.3K MRR running Cyberleads with a Gmail account.

And I got to $1.3K MRR with a shit website built with no code.

I like this approach. I remember in the beginning of my indie hacking journey, I was trying to be a company on day one. Website that scales. Business email. Perfect design. Social media profiles.

Now I only cross those bridges when I get there.

I love my new business email! I feel like I'm running a small little premium business! :)

🎥 Video version

🔊 Podcast version

✉️ I want to get notified of big milestones


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