Day #131 | Not being afraid to lose

This morning I woke up and saw the latest UFC fights. The main event was Ferguson vs Gaethje. Ferguson is an unpredictable monster with unlimited cardio and an iron chin. Gaethje is a pure bred fighter, that never takes a back step and is not afraid to throw himself into the fire.

Gaethje won. It was a spectacular performance. He always performs. There is a reason for that.

He is not afraid to lose. Gaethje has talked about it multiple times. He doesn't give a fuck if he loses. He prefers to lose by KO than win on points.

"Itan i epitas" (Ητάν ή Επιτάς) as the Spartan mothers and wifes used to say to their sons and husbands before they went to war. It means "return victorious or on your shield" (dead)

That's what makes Gaethje dangerous. He is not afraid to lose.

Not being afraid to lose makes you dangerous.