February 18th, 2024 | January update

Update for January '24:

Have officially escaped fulfillment after 2 years of sweat, blood and tears. Literally tears.

This is what my tiny team looks like:
- 3 VAs
- 1 operator

The operator is a great friend of mine that I met through Twitter and then New York and Colombia in real life.

He used to run a business similar to mine and the partnership has been smooth.

10% of profits for running the day to day shit.

And another 10% of my profits go to my VAs, accountants, lawyers and tools.

So all in all, I'm at $500k/year with 80% margins.

And the goal is to get to $1M/year at 80% margins.

So now is the time to focus on marketing again.

In 2023, I hardly grew on Twitter and LinkedIn.

And I hardly grew my business.

Correlation? Absolutely.

To get to $1M/year I will have to utilize every channel I have:
- Cold email
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Word of mouth (cannot do much about this)

So you'll see me tweeting way more this year.

And also posting YouTube videos.

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