April 5th, 2020 | Tunnel vision

I feel nice.. fresh, clean, focused. I know what I have to do. No distractions.

I have Cyberleads, that's it. B2B, low maintenance, in tech. Now I have to grow it. It's that simple.

When it comes to creating small internet businesses, there are some steps along the way:

1. Idea
2. Build
3. Launch
4. Grow
5. Monetize
6. Automate
7. Sell

1. I am quite good at finding new ideas, even to my own detriment. But they were not good business ideas. I think this year I did a really good job at spotting an good set of ideas and had some success.

2. I am good at building new products as well. This year I did even better, building every new product without a single line of code.

3. Launching is one of my favorite things to do. I have went viral multiple times, and have made money with products on day one multiple times as well.

4. Grow. Now, let's not talk about this one yet, this is my weakness.

5. Monetize. Again, I have done all right with this one, I don't have a problem charging money like other people do, nor finding ideas as to how to charge money.

6. Automate. Again, I'm fine here as well. GitGardener is 100% fully automated, Cyberleads is 50% automated. But I have never automated growth systems because I have never grown anything.. :(

7. Sell. I have never gotten an offer to sell any of my products, but to be honest I could not care less.

So, that leaves me with my number one mortal enemy... growth.

I have never ever ever been able to grow something other than just launching and leaving it up to the search engine gods to make it rank well.

This has to change. I thought about some different possibilities as to how to move forward.

You can read my "Month #3" article where I analyze all the growth strategies I can follow for Cyberleads.

I decided to go with direct sales and Quora. What scares me the most is that without doing it on purpose, I went with the exact strategy Pat Walls went with Pidgeon.


It might be a bit ambitious, but what I want is to answer a Quora question every single day, and also send 25 emails per day to schedule a feedback call.

To whoom should I send these emails and what kind of questions should I answer? That's what I have to find out this weekend, and go straight at it on Monday.

Starting Monday, 6th of April, I will wake up every day at 06:00 AM and work until 10:00 AM. I will answer a Quora question, and also send 25 emails to people asking for feedback.

Then in the afternoon I won't do anything, since I will be working my full time job, but that is enough work done already. The only exception is if I have a call booked.

I will also tweet abou the whole process and blog every day.

See ya tomorrow!

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