September 23rd, 2022 | AI Trend

Why Iā€™m not jumping on the image generation AI trend.

I feel a little FOMO. But when I dive deep it goes away.

Why FOMO? Insane opportunity.

In what sense? A lot of money.

Well, I honestly don't care about becoming a billionaire.

Another reason I'm feeling FOMO is cause it feels revolutionary. A way to change the world.

But I'm not really into that, honestly. I have so much going on in my personal life that I don't feel the need.

Prefer to fund interesting projects and become a philanthropist and volunteer.

So, what is really happening here?

Nothing, it's just like when GPT-3 was hot. Or Clubhouse. Or Crypto. NFTs. Etc. Now it's StableDiffusion.

Just keep rowing. And stay focused.

I will be sincerely applauding anyone working on this stuff. Good luck!

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