March 20th, 2022 | My number

My goals and number change all the time.

You can see that if you toggle the "Time travel" bar on this website.

It used to be $500/month. Enough to live by as a cockroach in a cheap country, like Thailand.

Then it became $800/month, the same amount most of my friends in Greece made when we were in our early 20s.

Then it became $2k/month. Enough to live comfortably by yourself in many countries in the world.

Then I was making $5k/month and while I was making more money than I could spend, I still experienced stress. I broke even in 2021, spending exactly the same money I made.

Now I am making $20k/month, which is almost $250k/year. And my lifestyle costs around $50k/year.

So what's the point of growing further?

I don't want to grow any more. I just want to work as much as i did in 2021.

I want 2022 money.
And 2021 lifestyle.

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