January 18th, 2022 | Falling behind

I'm so far behind my writing that it pains me.

So much is happening, but I can't really find the time to write about it.

And I don't just want to write about it for you. Honestly, it's mostly for me.

Number one, because it helps me really clarify my learnings.

Number two, because I want to be able to come back here in a few years and see what things were like and what I was thinking.

And the number three is you. Hopefully these blogs are entertaining and even helpful. My goal is to help myself from two years ago.

Writings I owe:
- 3.5 years of building products (have it drafted)
- 4 years of building products (have it drafted)
- 2022 plans (have it drafted)
- October 2021
- November 2021
- December 2021

Oh boy.. that's a lot.

My goal will be to write one of them every week end. In a month I should be right on track.

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